Saturday, 2 November 2013

Intermezzo : A New Light, Pokemon XY

HI! I’ve just seen a playthrough of Pokemon X and I think it is a cool game. I doubted it at first, but seeing it now, I think it might be the beginning of the new era of Pokemon. As you may remember, Pokemon BW and Pokemon BW2 recieved a lot of negative reviews, and GameFreak started to change things up in the Pokemon XY. I think it is a good effort. Sure, it has it’s own negative response, but fans are never satisfied. When GameFreak didn’t changed a thing, they’ll say “What’s the point of this game? It’s a repetition of the old ones, just like the Paranormal Activities movies.” but when GameFreak started to make a change,  ”OHGOD. I MISS THE OLD GAMES. THE GAMES THESE DAYS ARE SO BLABLABLA”. So yeah, in my opinion this is a smart move by GameFreak (adding the fairy type, megaevolution, and such)
credits to the one who made it! amazing fanart:D
The main characters are so cute and cool! I love the design. The environment is also beautiful, they take a reference of Europe, specificly France. The new game has 3D looks, and it looks cooler. (at least in my opinion) I love the soundtracks too. and there are lots of thing I wanna babble about but I haven’t tried the game so I can’t say anything personal. (doubt I will, unless 3DS magically appears on my hand. …..or maybe a 3DS emulator.)
XY starters. (left to right) Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie
I have a feeling the new gen era is good era for gaming. (I have high expectation on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV)  I hope so.
P.S. : Oh! By the way, I’m team Fennekin. #TEAMFENNEKINALLTHEWAY!
not mine either.
I know, I know this is a Delphox. but Delphox’s cool guys. Don’t hate on her (or him..?)


Music : Top 15 Kingdom Hearts Songs {Cicil Version}

Untitled-2 copy
Hi! Remember FKC’s post about Top15KHsongs? If you don’t, clickhere. Now, I’m back with my own list of Top 15 Kingdom Hearts songs! It differs with FKC’s because… well we all have different taste in music, right?
Without further ado, let’s us begin with the list!
(not in a particular order)
  • Passion {All KH}
  • Dearly Beloved {All KH}
  • The Other Promise {KH 358/2 Days}
  • Friends in My Heart {KH 358/2 Days}
  • Kairi {KH II}
  • Sora {KH II}
  • Roxas {KH II}
  • Namine {KH II}
  • Waltz of the Damned {KH II}
  • Fate of the Unknown {KH II Final Mix}
  • Another Side, Another Story {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Hikari Orchestral {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Ventus {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Birth by Sleep Theme {KH Birth By Sleep}
  • Memories In Pieces {KH Chain of Memories}
some other notable songs :
  • Vectors to the Heaven {KH 358/2 Days}
  • A Battle of Great Valor {KH Birth By Sleep}
I tried not to be biased to KH BBS songs. LOL. This is my Top 15, but I didn’t really listens to ALL of the songs, so.. this is my current list.


Late post

I'm back guys!!!! after all these.............months of hardworks, finally I got a chance to go back to this wonderful blogging world :D. kinda miss this blog :3


OH GOD. Screw KH 2.5ReMix. GIVE US KH3 NOW. :O


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lightside to Darkside

speaking of The Darkside.... an Intellectual creature, we have the same Idea.....


well.... actually I was talking about Kingdom Hearts game, in Hollow Bastion... look what I stumbled at.....

forgot to record my own, so I took it from other's playthrough :p

it's a heartless... it's a shadow to be more specific...... it's usual right? a low level enemy you always stumbled from then, now, and......future. actually it's not an ordinary shadow, it's Sora as a shadow which you control.


ouwh yeah, this 'phenomenon' occurs after the death match with Riku. and then there'll be a dramatic-heroic scene where Sora sacrificed himself to awaken Kairi.... by stabbing himself with the keyblade that unlocks people's hearts. and then a miracle happened, Sora Disappeared, Kairi Awoken, heartlesses coming, they ran away, and BAM! then you'll play as a heartless. being a heartless is so damn simple. you can only walk and jump, but no attack. well actually there are no heartless either. come on, who'd attack their own brethren?  all you have to do is walk outside and go to the main hall, you know where, by falling down the edge of the building. no, you won't die, trust me. after that, just enjoy the romantic scene where sora hugs kairi <3. awwww.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Romancing SaGa Minstrel song

hi guys, long time no post. well, just trying to act-diligent so.... trying to avoid my computer and games of course. well, this is  not a review guys, there isn't any "Review" sign in the title so it's definitely NOT a review. okay, skip with the useless speeches, guess what I got........

ouuu yeah! finally!
while this weekend, i just can't stand the urge to play it, so simply child logic... I played it. this game has a quite unique start, where you will choose the main character and you'll just follow his/her story although they'll meet eat other. btw, there are 8 characters!!!! wow, quite a challenge i may say. I choose a character named albert because he got the same gender...male (dude, who wants to name a girl 'albert' anyway :p) and second, I like male characters with short hair and female characters with long hairs, so.... he's got the feature. oh btw, the characters's costume are quite interesting. and... why does albert have butterfly wings??? :/. continue. when I start to play, the graphics are okay, characters are cutely done, but we can't rotate the camera with our controllers like other game such as KH and FF do, but it's not a problem. the truth is, i kinda enjoy the 'auto-adjusting' camera. the battle is quite unique, it's a bit complicated but cool. btw it's turned based. they got a lot of skills and abilities... cool one. and you know what? I reached the first boss and in the middle of the battle my main character died...... stupid butterfly winged prince D: ! he's quite the weakest in the party and when I need to enhance his stats by winning the boss battle... he died..... dammit. oh yeah, screenshots guys, it's free :D

Butterfly wings???

more info: saga wiki  wikipedia


Saturday, 13 July 2013


Well, I know it’s kinda late for this title, but we haven’t given you, our beloved readers, a proper introduction of us four, right?
Here it goes;)

Hello there!
We are “3CE”,
it stands for our names: Cicil aka Apricilia, Coki aka Francisco, Ceha aka Nadia, and Elmer.
As you have read, we are four people, with one unbreakable bond.

It started when we enter our senior high. Well Apricilia and I (Nadia) have known each other since junior high, but with Cisco and Elmer, we haven’t known each other that much, just basic ‘Hi’s and ‘Bye’s.

Back then we sat randomly but the teacher decided to arrange the seats.
Fate brought us four, sitting next to each other. So from there, we started to have simple chats and jokes and we turned out to be good friends. Well now, we’re best friends actually;)

Never thought that simple chair arrangement could be a bridge to our friendship.

We’re still fighting as  senior high students and about to start a new semester in just two days.
Yes, two days people. I suppose #weneedmoreholidays.

Since school is going to start, perhaps we won’t be able to write as much as we did.
But when we have time, we’ll be posting mostly about games but we’ll post something about our daily activities too, when we eat marshmallows maybe (?) Hahas.

So, there you go, our intro:-)

We are still beginners in the world of blogging, so we apologize for any mistake(s) or inappropriate word(s) so far.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your time, have a good day and God bless:-)